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Everybody wanted the walk into the arena to be their runway because they were talking about our outfits on TV,” said Wade. “It became a different kind of competition before the game.” Wade noted that he believes ballers became fashion obsessed roughly 10 years ago, around the time when then NBA commissioner David Stern instituted a league-wide dress code. While viewed as a fashionable athlete now, taking style risks wasn’t something Wade was always accustomed to. “I can’t say when I was young I was into fashion, [but] I was into dressing nice, looking nice, feeling nice,” Wade said. “As I started getting older and stopped caring about what people said about me, I started feeling comfortable and started getting into the fashion space more.” Dwyane Wade in the Way of Wade “All City 5.” REX Shutterstock With a legacy on the court as an all-time great solidified, the Chicago native now hopes to earn his stripes for his fashion acumen — particularly with his Way of Wade sneakers. “I was รองเท้าแฟชั่น skywalk with Converse for a while, [then] I decided to go to Jordan Brand,” Wade said. “After that I decided I want to do something for myself, I want to build a business and a brand. With Li-Ning, I had the opportunity to build something.” Since partnering with the China athletic outfit, Wade has signed basketball standouts such as Udonis Haslem and Terrence Ross, and introduced several signature shoes. Wade has one year left on his contract with the Bulls and has not eluded to retiring any time soon, but confirmed that after he walks away from the game he will continue to deliver shoes bearing his name. And he wants to employ a plan for post-career sneaker releases similar to that of another NBA great: Michael Jordan. “When I decided to leave Jordan Brand and go to Li-Ning, that was the vision at the time, to have similar blueprint that’s been laid out by Jordan,” he said.

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